AM coding is the classification used only in the following in Australia, New Zealand, Qatar, Singapore, Ireland, Saudi Arabia, Fiji, Tonga, Hong Kong, Bahrain to convert information from a patient’s medical record into alphanumerical codes according to a health classification system. Assigning accurate codes is the key for quality information exchange for better care in healthcare. So the clinical coders should have excellent attention to detail in order to produce high levels of coding knowledge and quality input. In order to achieve this level of accuracy, clinical coders are developed with extensive training to reach the goal to reimburse the claim form.

Clinical Coding training Providing by EHE- an Australian Gov. Recognised RTO

 This course is designed and provided by eHealth Education- an Australian government recognised RTO for the coder to learn the technical criteria to enable the proper output for the providers. The content includes interpretation, subject, Mock preparationto understand and code. It also supplies self-learning skills and coding standards, good learning atmosphere to develop coders to betterment the knowledge on AM coding.

The Organisation is accredited by the Australian Skills Quality Authority which is the national regulator for Australian Vocational education and training sector. ASQA regulated courses and training providers to ensure nationally approved quality standards are met.

Hours: Hours: 2-4 months for course completion

Diploma / Degree / Master degree or equivalent examination from any recognized Board or Council from Medical, paramedical and life science graduation.

Recognition of Course

Skyline medical coding Academy is an authorised partner of eHealth Education a registered training organisation of Australia to issue the clinical coding training and qualifications including certificates for clinical coding courses.

The certificates issued by the Australian government recognised registered training organisation upon successful completion of course. If you do not pass you may request for the attendance certificates. Skyline is the authorised to undertake student recruitment and support services on behalf of eHealth Education using eHE’s cloud based online delivery service, and learning application with Australian qualified coding trainers. The educational support service includes the provision welfare and support service as well as additional classroom based student tutoring (where appropriate) on behalf of eHE for each course on offer.

Why this course

This course is flexible and is an ideal to start a career in clinical coding . It includes explanations, theory, practice exercises for abstracting and coding. This is step 1 on the pathway to a career as a clinical coder.

How will I benefit

This course is designed to help you progress with flexibility, tutor support and chat facilities. At completion of this course you should be able to:

  • Understand the role and responsibilities of a clinical coder
  • Identify and evaluate clinical data from simple medical records (abstract data from records for clinical coding)
  • Assign codes to clinical data as required for morbidity reporting
  • Apply knowledge of medicine and healthcare systems as required for accurate clinical coding of simple records
  • Enter coded data into computer systems

Structure and what to expect

Online with tutor support (you don’t have to work on your own). The skills are taught as modules, including electives. You may progress at your own rate and start whenever you wish. Suggested pace of 1 module every 2 weeks each of which will take students approximately 15 hours to complete.


Clinical coding Courses are available are designed in different level. These different levels of training gives you step by step(level by level) pathway to a career as a clinical coder.

Clinical Coding 1 – Introduction

AM coding includes nationally recognised clinical coding skill set with recognition of prior learning for those who have already achieved competency in medical language application and use.
The course includes:

• Data abstraction from clinical records for the purpose of coding simple records
• To obtain the correct code, including correct application of relevant coding standards

  • Clinical Coding 2 – Intermediate
  • Clinical Coding 3 – Advanced
  • Certificate IV in Clinical Classification
  • Certificate IV in Clinical Classification (CM to AU Conversion)
  • Certificate IV in Clinical Classification for Clinicians


Text and Materials Provided

Required Materials: Code books of five volumes. You will not be able to complete the course without these resource. You may choose either paper books, or electronic books. Students of this course are entitled at student rates when purchasing the code books form the publisher through enrolling overseas student consent form.

The course provides:

  • Learner’s guide which acts as a text and reference as well as a guide on how to move through the course. The guides include fully worked examples of data abstraction and coding with discussion (scenarios)
  • Presentation video of key content where relevant
  • Exercises to make sure you understand and give you experience in the issues covered
  • Answers to the exercises and discussions are provided to assist your progress and understanding
  • Chat room where you can ask questions and chat with the tutor and with other students
  • References – to other sites and documents to assist additional learning
  • Assessment – formal assessment of your skills (similar to the exercises but assessed). This is a timed online assessment process and individual feedback is provided.