CPC Course in Dubai


CPC the mandatory AAPC certification for any budding Medical Coding Professional to acquire in-depth knowledge in terms of Human Anatomy, Physiology, ICD – 10 CM (International Classification of Disease), CPT (Current Procedural Terminology), HCPCS Level II  (Healthcare Common Procedure Coding System),and one could also become well equipped with the right knowledge on how to go about applying these codes for diagnosis and procedures of a medical record.

Most Certainly CPC Certification turns to be the perfect choice for an upcoming healthcare professional to lay his/her  footprint  as a Medical Coder into the Corporate.

Hours: 80 Hours

ICD 10 CM (International Classification of Disease)
CPT (Current Procedural Terminology)
HCPCS LEVEL II ( Healthcare Common Procedure Coding System)
Anatomy, Physiology

Diploma / Graduation